The church media library seeks to under gird the educational programs of Ridgeview Baptist Church. It strives to be a dynamic resource by providing media and services to exalt the Savior, edify and equip the saints, and to evangelize the sinners.

These media resources are provided to meet the needs of the member so Ridgeview Baptist Church and her organizations, and as possible, to share them with those outside it’s membership.


1.       Staff members are elected by the church.

2.       Members of Ridgeview Baptist Church and their families may check out media according to library procedures.

3 . Video cassettes are limited to three (3) each and may be checked out for one (1) week. Video cassettes shown to groups in church should be returned immediately after use.

4 . Audio cassettes, compact disc (CDs), and Digital video disc (DVDs) items are loaned for one (1) week.

5.    Books are loaned for two (2) weeks with the option to renew unless there is a waiting list. Individuals may check out four (4) books at a time. Leaders and/or departments will be granted longer periods of time.

6.       No fines are collected for overdue media, but users are expected to return media on time. No other item can be checked out until overdue media is returned. Users are also responsible for reimbursement of lost or damaged media.

7.       Media library hours are determined by the programs of the church and the needs of the users. Hours are: 15 minutes before and after each service on Sunday and Wednesday.


All media should be:

1.       Approved by the church pastor and media library staff

2.       Accurate in facts, scriptural interpretation and doctrine.

3.       Constructive in influence and morally sound.

4.       Of high literary or technical quality.

5.       Include and reflect sound educational methods and should assist in learning.

6.       Reflect Christian standards of conduct and not promote unchristian attitudes and actions. Lives of authors should be consistent with their teachings.

7.       Monetary gifts are encouraged. The donor and media library staff should decide on the specific item(s) to be purchased in accordance with financial policy of the church and its selection policy.


Gifts play an important role in the ministry of the media library. They make possible the purchase of media and other needed service items not provided through the church budget.

1.  Monetary gifts may be in the form of memorials. Honorariums may be given for births, birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, Mother’s day, Father’s day or recognitions of any individual(s) or groups. Money should be processed through the church financial system.

2.       Gifts in the form of media must meet the same standards as stated in the selection policy

3.       Provisional gifts are not accepted.