What Christmas is all about

When I think of the night Jesus came into the world, my mind begins to short circuit and I’m simply left in awe and left with a lot more questions than I have answers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m SO thankful for Jesus and that he chose to become one of us, but he would have still been God if he had chosen not to. This to me is one of the most amazing and beautiful mysteries of God’s sovereign grace, as he looked into His broken, rebellious world with eyes of mercy and chose to come to you and to me because he knew we were hopeless and helpless without him.

You see, Christmas is nothing short of a rescue mission. Jesus would do in grace what the law could never do. Jesus would do in grace what we could never do for ourselves. Jesus would do what the greatest minds could never conceive, and what the greatest leaders could never strategize, and what the most gifted writers could never convey. Jesus, himself, would become the greatest, most costly, and most transformational gift ever.

God took on human flesh and invaded his sin-broken world with His wisdom, power, glory, and grace. But get this, He didn’t descend to a castle or palace like any other King would. Instead, God Almighty, the Creator, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords would humble himself and take on the form of a servant. He would live on our behalf the life we could never live, he would willingly die the death that you and I deserved to die, and he would rise from the grave as the conqueror of sin and death. Jesus would suffer every single day of His life so that he could, with his life, give grace to rebels, extend mercy and love to those who would deny his existence, give wisdom to those who think they know it all, and extend forgiveness to everyone who seeks him. Paul Tripp writes, “His coming stands as an affirmation that he will not relent, he will not be satisfied until sin and suffering are no more and we are like him, dwelling with him in unity, peace, and harmony forever and ever.” I don’t know about you, but I’m so thankful Jesus left all of heaven to come rescue a rebel like me.

This is the story of Jesus, born in a barn that night in Bethlehem. The Messiah the earth cried for and the Savior so many prophets predicted now cries to be held by Mary and will soon cry in torment and pain on the cross of salvation. For you see, the baby in the manger would one day become the King on the cross. Jesus came to suffer because he came to save. This is the Christmas story. Don’t get distracted with all the craziness this week. Enjoy time with your friends and family but don’t forget what this season is all about. It was a rescue mission for you and for me. The night of his birth, the angels sang praises and worshiped Him because hope had finally come. Let’s join them!

Much Love and Merry Christmas!


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