Let’s Wash Some Feet

It’s amazing to me how God uses people and circumstances to speak truth into our lives. It’s often in the most unusual places that I hear that still, small voice teaching me, showing me, how to better understand life and all that it entails. I wish I could tell you that it happens often, but unfortunately the volume in my life is often too loud to hear that still, small voice of God. But sometimes, he simply extends grace and allows me to see things the way they are meant to be seen, through the eyes of Jesus.

Last week I took Dawson to the doctor as we feared he may have had an ear infection. It was there, in the middle of the waiting room, that God began to teach me a lesson on love and acceptance. You see, throughout the noises and chaos that often accompany a pediatrician’s office, there were several children playing together in the corner (I know what you’re thinking….GERMS…but let me continue my story). As I began to watch them interact with one another with smiles and giggles, it hit me. The children playing together didn’t even consider what the others were wearing. They didn’t ask the others their life story before choosing to play with them. They didn’t even consider the color of their skin before taking part in the shenanigans. They simply accepted one another and chose to enjoy one another. In fact, it’s probably safe to say after watching them interact that they were truly loving one another.

When did we stop seeing others the way children see them? Children aren’t born racists or prejudiced. Children learn how to treat others by watching us. They watch us as we cast judgmental glances. They hear us as we mumble under our breath and belittle others that do not live up to our standards. As a Christian, we are called to a higher standard. When we chose to follow Jesus, we surrendered our rights. As Christians, we no longer have the right to pick and choose who we love. In fact, Jesus tells us more than once that the 2nd greatest commandment of all is for us to love our neighbors as ourselves. Who is your neighbor? Jesus tackled that question in Luke 10, but let me give you a hint…your neighbor is everyone!

If we know that we should love our neighbor as ourselves, why is our country so divided and full of hate?  We simply can’t accomplish the 2nd greatest commandment because we can’t get past the greatest commandment of loving Jesus with everything we got! When you begin to see others the way Jesus sees them, color and social status is non-existent. So many profess the name of Jesus but treat others very differently than the way Jesus treated others all throughout his life and ministry.  Do you really want to be like Jesus? Then let’s throw down our stones and pick up our towels and show the love of Jesus to those that are hurt and broken. To the one who does us wrong and uses us, let’s determine to bend down and wash their feet. To the ex-husband or ex-wife that pushes you over the edge, pick up the towel and show them they are loved. The night before Jesus was crucified, he met with his disciples in the upper room. What did he do first that night? He washed their feet… every single one of them. When he came to Judas, the very one that was getting ready to betray him, he bent down and washed his feet. If Jesus could wash the feet of Judas, what’s our excuse?

Christians, it’s time we show the world what it means to love people and we can’t show them any better way than to serve them. In God’s Kingdom, the last will be first and the first will be last. May we all begin to see people the way Jesus sees them. Jesus doesn’t see color. He doesn’t see social status. Jesus sees potential. We see a mess and He sees a masterpiece. We see a lost cause and He sees hope. We see brokenness and He sees beauty. When Jesus sees people, the only color he sees is red as that was the color of his blood that he spilled all over the cross that proved once and for all his love for ALL people.

It’s time we end the hate. While the world continues to grow more wicked every day, may God’s people determine to show the world the love of Jesus. May we all live our lives in such a way that those who know us, but not Jesus, will come to know Jesus because they know us!

Praying for you always,


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