Giving Birth

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…”

The title of this blog could be misleading.  I am not talking about giving birth to a baby but about giving birth to a new ministry.  Ridgeview’s DNA is to birth new churches.  Carter’s Valley Baptist Church was birthed by Oak Grove Baptist church back in 1966.  Twenty years later Carter’s Valley had dwindled down to a small remnant of faithful believers.  This group had the vision of not closing the doors but to go back to their mother church, Oak Grove, and ask for help.  Oak Grove willingly and graciously sent ten families who felt called to help rebuild.  On January 23, 1994 Ridgeview Baptist church was officially born (constituted).

As I already said, birthing churches is in the Ridgeview DNA.  It was Ridgeview’s joy to work with Kent Hightower to birth Circle C Cowboy Church just a few years ago.  In 2016 we were blessed to partner with Brian Hensley to birth 1church.  We are currently in our second year of a 3 year partnership with 1church.  Ridgeview’s own Steve Wade, with the help of McPheeter’s Bend, birthed Cross Anchor Cowboy Church.  We have also been blessed to send out pastor’s and families to serve in existing churches.  Dave Rossetti is pastor at Bass Chapel, Daniel Phillips is pastor at Looney’s Chapel and Keith Snodgrass is pastor at New Fellowship.  It is our joy to send these men and the families called to go with them to serve in these churches.  What I have come to understand is that more important than our seating capacity is our sending capacity!

Now the Lord has given us an opportunity to help birth a new ministry in Hawkins County.  Mark Roberts, DOM of Holston Valley Baptist Association, approached us with the vision of birthing a Hispanic Ministry in Hawkins County.  There is a great need, with several hundred Hispanics living across the county with no Hispanic Ministry to reach them.  Jose Armenta, a member of Big Creek Baptist Church has had a vision for several years of starting a Hispanic Ministry.  Because of our experience in birthing churches we have been given this great opportunity to sponsor this ministry.  After several meeting with Ridgeview leadership, Mark, and Jose, we have prayerfully decided to begin with a weekly Bible study starting May 7th at 2pm at the Cattlemen’s Association Building located in Surgoinsville.  The long-range plan is to launch Iglesias Bautista Rio Grande Los Misioneros (Rio Grande Missionary Baptist Church) on December 7th after 7 months of Bible Study.  A recommendation will be presented to Ridgeview at our church Conference on May 7th to officially go into a sponsorship of this new ministry.  Because we are currently in the second year of a three-year financial partnership with 1church, we will not be asking for Ridgeview to support financially but to support prayerfully and volunteering where needed.

It is a great honor for us to partner with Jose, HVBA, TBC, and our sister HVBA churches to “Go make disciples of all nations…”.  On April 30th at 2pm, everyone is invited to a special prayer service at the Cattlemen’s Association Building to show support for this new ministry.

Life is a journey, learn on the way!

‘Till next time, stay in the Scripture!

Pastor Jon



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