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This past Thursday, Renea and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. I’m not going to waste your time with all the mushy stuff, but I can honestly say that I’m more in love with my wife now than I was on my wedding day. For those who know me totally understand that I outkicked my coverage and I definitely got the better end of the deal (sorry honey). Looking back on the last 9 years, it would be an understatement to say I’ve learned a few things along the way. In fact, I want to share with you a few things that I have learned over the last several years.

Take our wedding day for instance. I honestly had the mindset going into our marriage that Renea and I were going to have a “perfect marriage” because we were both Christians. While it is certainly God’s will for you to marry a believer (2 Cor. 6:14), simply marrying a believer doesn’t mean everything will be easy. In fact, I believe Satan fights even harder when a Christian couple joins in marriage as he knows what potential they have for the kingdom of God. There is no such thing as perfect marriage as we’re all imperfect people. There will be times in your marriage where loving your spouse is easy and there will be times in your marriage that you will have to choose to love your spouse. It’s imperative that both you and your spouse continue to grow in your individual walk with Christ as only He can give you a strong, healthy marriage. If you and your spouse remain committed to Christ, He will help you remain committed to one another in the good times and in the bad times.

It also didn’t take me too long after our marriage to realize that I couldn’t stop pursuing Renea even though she was finally “mine.” Every little girl grows up reading how the prince always pursues the princess and dreams of the day her knight in shining armor comes into her own life and sweeps her off her feet. Ladies, if you’re like my wife it didn’t take you long to realize that your knight in shining armor was just an idiot in tinfoil. On our very best days, we men are clueless. Somehow we’ve got this warped mentality that the pursuit is over when we get our princess. Guys, the pursuit is just beginning. So many marriages tragically end because once we “get our girl” we stop doing all the wonderful things it took to get them! Men, we are commanded to love our wives just as Christ loved the church (Eph. 5:25). Do you get just how much love that really is!? I’ve heard it say that the two most important tasks any man can do is serving God and loving His wife. Guys, determine to be the husband that prays for your wife daily, leads her boldly, serves her humbly, and loves her deeply.

Lastly, to all those that are married: Make it a priority to not let anything come between you and your spouse. Absolutely no one should come between you and your spouse. Sure, they can come alongside of you but never between you. This includes your children. Don’t sacrifice your spouse for the sake of your children. Let your children see mom and dad madly in love with one another. Your relationship with your spouse is speaking volumes to your children. Teach them through your marriage what it means to seek God first in all that you do. Teach them that love is patient and kind and that marriage really is a wonderful thing. Teach them about forgiveness and what it means to serve one another. After all, if we can’t serve one another in our home we will certainly fail to serve others in our churches and community.

In closing, Renea and I will be offering a 6 week marriage enrichment class based on the book “His needs, Her needs” starting November 2nd. The class will be from 6:30-7:30 each Wednesday night and is open for those in our church as well as the community. See our church website for more details. No matter if your marriage is great or on the brink of disaster, we’re praying that the class will help and encourage you and your spouse to better understand one another’s needs and as a result, have a stronger, healthier marriage that pleases the Lord and points others to Christ.

Praying for you always,

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  1. I absolutely love this!! Thank you Dustin for sharing these words!! God bless you and your beautiful wife Renea and your handsome boys. Love the idiot in tinfold description. Lol

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