Kayaking and Life

Jen and I have gone kayaking the last two Saturdays.  I have discovered that kayaking and life have several things in common.  First, kayaking can be done by yourself.  You can head out on the river all by yourself.  But, kayaking is much more fun when you enjoy it with others.  Jen and I enjoy kayaking because it is something we can do together.  My hips won’t move the right way for us to do Zumba together, so kayaking has become one of the things we do together.  We also enjoy kayaking with other friends also.

Same thing with life, you can do life alone.  You can head out on the river called life by yourself, but life is much more fun when you enjoy it with others.  Doing life together with family, friends, and church family is a blessing.  I think the Lord made us to need others.   Church is a great place to meet people to do life together.   Sunday school and small groups provide a great opportunity for you to connect with others and ride the river of life together.   You don’t have to ride the river alone, come join a small group and do life together.

Second, I noticed how there are many different types of kayaks.  Today, we saw several folks on the river and each one had a different mode of transportation.   Some had kayaks, others had canoes, and some had johnboats and rowboats.  Even though there was a variety of transportation, each one was still going in the same direction and ended up at the same location.

Same thing with life, God created us for variety.  We look different, we think different, and we have different preferences.  Even though we may not be uniform we can have unity.  Those of us who are followers of Jesus are heading in the same direction.  In fact, we will all end in the same location, Heaven.  We know there is only one way to get to Heaven, and that is Jesus.  We know the message of the Gospel will never change but we recognize that there can be a variety of methods of sharing the Gospel.  Embrace variety and be mature enough to know that not everyone rides in a kayak like yours.

Third and last of all, going with the current is easy, but when you try to paddle upstream it gets tougher.  As long as you go with the current then it is an easy ride, but when you turn and go against the current then it is more difficult.

Same thing with life, as followers of Jesus, we are often called on to go against the current.  We are called to be holy, different than the world.  Often that is challenging because while everyone else is going with the current of society, we are called to obey God’s Word and paddle upstream even if that means paddling alone.   Taking a stand for your conviction when everyone else follows the crowd can be tough.  But the Lord will give you strength to go against the current.

Life is a Journey, learn on the way!  ‘Till next time stay in the Scriptures!

Pastor Jon



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