Turn your blinker off!

A lot of my time is spent on driving.  I have learned that there are 3 types of drivers.  First, there are the left lane drivers.  They pull out in front of you and then head over to the left lane as soon as they can.  They drive in the left lane for miles and miles going 10 miles under the speed limit.  On the highway they cause traffic backups.  These folks I call Pokey Paul. Second, there are those who are crazy on the road.  Riding your tail and swerving in and out of traffic so they can wait at the red light one minute longer than you do.  These folks I call Maniac Mike.  Third, there are those who try and drive normal and safe.  They drive the speed limit, use their blinker, yield to traffic, stop at stop signs and etc.  These folks I call Steady Eddie.  Now you notice that I used men names for all these drivers.  I did not want to offend the opposite sex and make them think I might be talking about them.  🙂

Similar to driving, we have Pokey Paul, Maniac Mike and Steady Eddie in our churches.  Pokey Pauls are those folks who always seems to bog down progress.  They are content riding in the left lane because that is where they have always drove.  That is my pew, I mean lane, and I’m comfortable there.  Those are the songs, I mean lane, that I have always sung and I’m comfortable there.  Pokey Paul holds up others wanting to move forward.  If you find yourself being a Pokey Paul, move over and let others move on, or better yet, move over and follow/draft off those wanting to move forward.

We also have Maniac Mike in our churches.  They are the ones who think it is all about them.  Entitlement is there motto.  Yield to them means I have the right of way and you need to get out of my way.  Four way stops, they always go first.  If they don’t get their way they will just go down another street or to another church. They don’t consider others or the needs of others. They also hate to wait.  They want it now, shortcuts are the name of the game.  Sacrifice, suffering, and patience are not an option.  If you find yourself being a Maniac Mike, ask the Lord to help you “be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger”.  Ask the Lord to help you to slow down and think of others before you think of yourself.  Learn to have a servant’s heart instead of a selfish heart.

Thankfully there are also Steady Eddies in our churches.  They are the ones who strive to be consistent in their walk with Jesus.  They are not flashy, won’t get noticed most times but are dependable followers of Jesus.  You can count on Steady Eddie when you need a volunteer.  You can count on Steady Eddie when the plate is passed.  You can count on Steady Eddie when you need someone to pray for you.  Steady Eddie may not get there first, but he will finish his race strong.

Funny thing is, I’ve been each of these at one time or another.  When I was younger I often times was a Maniac Mike, and now as I get older I can easily be a Pokey Paul.  My desire is that I will more often be described as a Steady Eddie.

One last driving tip, turn your blinker off!  Often we indicate we are going one direction, and in reality we are heading in a total different direction.  It reminds me of my son’s Jake boat.  His steering cables broke on his boat, so I got new ones and replaced them.  Before we ever took the boat out to try it, he sold it to a friend.  First time our friend took the boat out he calls me and says, “why does the boat go left when I turn it to go right?”  I still laugh ever time I tell that story.  I put the cables in backwards.  In our walk with Jesus, turn the blinker off, don’t say one thing and do another.  Don’t be fake like the Pharisees, the world needs to see genuine Steady Eddie followers of Jesus.
Speaking of Jesus, for all TWD (The Walking Dead) fans, aren’t you glad that the real Jesus doesn’t leave us behind when we give Him our keys!!!

Life is a journey, learn on the way! Till next time stay in the Scripture!

Pastor J0n


  1. Good sermon Steady Eddie. I too have been all these three and still are at different times but strive to get back to “steady Eddie”.

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