Spiritual Contentment

con·tent (kənˈtent) – a state of peaceful happiness; a state of satisfaction

Some of the most incredible people I have met throughout my life always seem to have one similar characteristic; contentment. Several different passages throughout Scripture teach us how we should be content with what the Lord has blessed us with. In fact, there have been countless sermons, books, and blogs about the importance of contentment and the dangers of always looking for something bigger or better. This week’s blog isn’t one of those.

While Scripture instructs us to be physically and emotionally content, nowhere in Scripture will you find instructions for us to be spiritually content.  In fact, the Bible is full of passages that encourage us to grow in our faith daily. Are you closer to the Lord today than you were yesterday? Are you closer to the Lord now than you were this time last year? If you can’t answer yes to those questions, then it’s probably safe to say you’ve become spiritually content and/or complacent in your Christian life. Let’s be honest, life is easy when you’re content. You’re spiritual life is no different. If we’re not careful we allow ourselves to get caught up in doing just enough spiritually to make us feel good about ourselves. We’ve created this false sense of security by comparing our spiritual lives with those around us and convince ourselves that as long as we’re better than “so and so” then all is well and life is good. The only thing wrong with that type of reasoning is everything! We need to stop comparing ourselves with others and realize that fellow Christians aren’t our standard. God is our standard. When God becomes our standard, expectations are raised.

God’s will for your life is not to simply coast through this life on spiritual cruise control. God invites us all to come as we are, not stay as we are. It’s imperative that we grow in our faith every day but we must understand that our faith doesn’t grow through ease and comfort. It grows only through challenges, conflict, and difficulty. Perhaps this is why so many Christians are content in their spiritual lives. They want to be just close enough to Jesus to have salvation, but not so close that it requires personal sacrifice. You see, we can’t fulfill the Lord’s calling upon our lives in our comfort zones. Like Peter, we must all get out of our boats of comfort and complacency if we want to experience Christ like never before!

What would your life be like if you determined to get out of your spiritual comfort zone? How would your marriage be? How would your relationships at home and work change? What would happen in our churches? Stop asking the Lord to use you…Just get usable and I promise He’ll wear you out!

Praying for you always,



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