Toiling with a Trolling Motor

A hundred different topics came to my mind as I sat down to write my first blog.  A friend told me that blogs were for teenagers and soccer moms, but I guess there will be room for a 49 year old preacher.   My intention each time I blog is to share things I’m learning on my journey that might be helpful for you.  Two weeks ago my son Jake calls from the lake “the trolling motor isn’t working”.  Now understand his boat had been in the shop the month before with computer problems in the motor.  I call my friend Johnny to help me figure out what is wrong.  First lesson to learn is that we all need friends to turn to when things go wrong, that is why being part of a Church family is so important.  God did not make us to do life alone but together.

We track the problem to the switch we think, so we switch the switch but it still doesn’t work.  We then take it to the mechanic, second lesson to learn, sometimes we need to seek out counseling from a trained counselor.  Many marriages wait till they are ready to file for divorce before they seek help from their Pastor or a counselor.  Just like our cars our marriages need check ups.  Waiting till the oil light comes on is not smart, that is why they call it a idiot light in your dash.

The boat mechanic recommends changing the plug, so we buy a new plug, still doesn’t work.  By now I’m ready to throw my hands up and quit.  Third lesson, obstacles are opportunities.  When life gets tough the followers of Jesus don’t quit they keep on trusting.  Obstacles in life are an opportunity to trust the Lord and bring Him glory in how we respond.

All along we thought the problem was the boat, but come to find out the problem all along was the trolling motor itself.  Once we bought a new trolling motor the problem was fixed.  Last lesson for today, Jesus said before we try and take the speck out of our neighbor’s eye we should first take the 2×4 out of our own eye.  We can apply this to many areas of our lives.  We can not be saved till we admit that we are the problem, our sinful wicked hearts.  In our marriages we need to recognize what we need to change instead of blaming our spouse.  Often times we point the finger at everyone else when in reality the problem is with us.

Life is a journey, learn on the way.  Till next time stay in the scripture.

Pastor Jon



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  1. I was having an issue that I couldn’t work out a solution to and I finally decided to sit down with Dustin our Associate Pastor to Families and try to come up with a solution. Once we talked for awhile, I was able to pinpoint the real problem. On March 8th, 2016, I found the real problem was the condition of my heart, my lack of Trust. I also found the real solution to my heart problem … Trusting in Jesus Christ.

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