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Bible Study livestream archive (march-october 2020)

View our resources available to you including Bible study resources and live stream information.  If you’re not part of a class we encourage you to commit to joining a class when we resume meeting together.  As many as 80% of churchgoers are still active and serving in their church after 5 years if they are actively involved in small group Bible study. Sunday school is your on-ramp to group life, relationships, and ministry at Ridgeview.   For more information or for any questions about groups at RBC contact

8/30/20 – Song of Songs – (Luke wade)

8/21/20 – Song of Songs – “Relational foundations” (Nathan Lawson)

Song of Songs Interpretive Viewpoints

8/16/20 – proverbs – “accepting discipline” (Nathan Lawson)

8/2/20 – proverbs – “Staying sober” (Luke Wade)

7/26/20 – proverbs – “pleasing god” (nathan Lawson)

7/19/20 – proverbs – “Living wisely” (elmer dockery)

7/12/20 – Proverbs 8 – “Pursuing Wisdom” (Nathan Lawson)

7/5/20 – Proverbs 5 – “Following God’s Design” (Nathan Lawson)

6/28/20 – Proverbs 4 – “THe CHoice” (Luke Wade)

6/21/20 – Proverbs 3 – “compassion demonstrated” (Karl Burnt)

6/14/20 – Proverbs 3 – “direction offered” (Nathan Lawson)

6/6/20 – Proverbs 1 “Charted Waters” (Luke Wade):

5/30/20 – Romans 15 “reach” (Elmer Dockery):

5/24/20 – Romans 14 “accepting” (Nathan Lawson):

5/17/20 – Romans 13 “Citizens” (Luke Wade):

5/10/20 – Romans 12 “Sacrifices” (Bill Fields):

5/3/20 – Romans 11 “Mercy” (Chris Ferrell):

4/26/20 – Romans 10 “Saved” (Elmer Dockery):

4/19/20 – Romans 8 “Secured” (Nathan Lawson):

1st Century Adoption Article

4/12/20 – Luke 24 “Risen” (Nathan Lawson):

Extra Resources:

Garden Tomb Video

Typical Tomb of the 2nd Temple period:  Bodies were placed in the tomb for about 1 year.  The family would return to collect the bones and place them in an ossuary box to be entombed or buried.


4/5/20 – Romans 6 “Free” (Elmer Dockery):

3/29/20 – Romans 5 “At Peace” (Luke wade):

3/22/20 – Romans 3 “Justified” (Nathan Lawson):

Doctrinal Emphesis in Pauls LettersJustification by Faith | Pauls Use of Abraham

| Romans Road |

In Paul’s argument like an ad, he argues that the Law gives us knowledge of sin, and makes us accountable to God, but contains NO justification.
In contrast to the Law, Paul argues that the righteousness that comes from Christ gives us our justification just like the Law and Prophets pointed to.  It’s for all people!


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