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On January 1st of this year, Ridgeview began a 3 year partnership with 1church. 1church is a new Church plant that was birthed on Easter Sunday in the Bloomingdale area (Sullivan North High School) by Brian and Amanda Hensley and other families called to this new ministry. This week I have chosen to share Brian’s most recent blog for the purpose of celebrating what the Lord is doing in this new ministry. We are thankful for how the Lord is being glorified through 1church and we are honored to be partners for the sake of the Gospel. Check out the great things that the Lord is doing at 1church:

Coffee & Doughnuts by Brian Hensley (1church Pastor)

“Nothing in life is free!”  I’m sure that we have all either said this or have heard someone say this phrase.  The majority of the time I would say that this is true.  There usually are some strings attached to whatever someone is giving away, something that they are not telling you upfront in order for you to pay later.  Maybe something to give away in order for you to pay less or could be a service or task that is needed.  The point is that no matter the service or product we have been taught that “nothing in life is free”. 

Last Sunday at 1church we met at Trader’s Village in Kingsport just down the road from where we usually gather for worship.  We didn’t gather to sing songs and hear from the pastor that day, but instead we gathered to serve and share the love for our community.  For those of you who don’t know Trader’s Village is an outdoor/indoor flea market where vendors setup on the weekends.  As 1church we want to find ways we can invest in the people in our community.  So we decided to go to Trader’s Village and setup a table outside to hand out coffee and doughnuts.

I want to say thank you to the owner of Trader’s Village for allowing us to come and setup on your property.  Not only allowing us to setup but making sure the snack shop was closed and not charging us a setup fee.  I would also like to say a thank you to Krispy Kreme in Kingsport for the discount on the doughnuts.  Most of all thank you to those who served and gave a Sunday morning to setup tables and pass out coffee and doughnuts. 

When we were giving away the food and drinks we came across some great people who were very surprised it was all free.  At 1church we want to invest in people and show people that we care for them and love them for who they are no strings attached.  Several people couldn’t believe that we were just giving them free coffee and doughnuts, remember nothing in life is free.  Which I would say is true unless you have experienced the mercy and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The bible says in Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”  We have been given the ultimate no strings attached gift, eternal life.  There is nothing that we have done or could do to earn this gift.  It truly is free.  Just like the coffee and doughnuts it is free but instead of satisfying us temporarily this gift of eternal life, this gift of salvation, never gets old.  So yes nothing in life is free until you have experienced the mercy and grace of Jesus, then everything changes and you want to give whatever you can away so others might experience it too.  If you are reading this and want to talk more about how you can receive this gift from Jesus then contact us at 1church and let us know.  You can email me personally at brianhensley7@icloud.com

Coffee & Doughnuts


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